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archive shortcode

  1. is there anyway to set a condition by making automatic index using archive shortcodes as per the categories we defined in our blog?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Hi. To my knowledge, there is no "archive" shortcode for categories:

  3. Thanks for your response

    Is there any possibility at the side of WordPress to add such option?


  4. ~~airodyssey

    We Volunteers have no knowledge that other members do not have and we have not heard that Staff are considering adding a shortcode for Categories.

    Have you seen this entry?Create a Site Index >
    Granted pages a Site Index page in this way will not be self-updating like the CATEGORIES widget in the sidebar. You’ll have to redo the entire process every time you add a new category to any post, or you’ll have to learn how to edit the page yourself to add the category and the link.

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