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Archive Style List

  1. I'm relatively new to, as I originated from Blogger.

    One option I would like to have which I seem unable to do in WordPress is to have an archive list that looks like the following (screenshot from my old blogger).

    It appears that WordPress only offers two styles of archive filing. As I have the CSS option, am I able to use it to obtain a different list style?

  2. I'm going to bump this as I have no idea and it's disappeared quite far down the list. :)

  3. excuse my ignorance, but maybe it's a hemisphere thing, but what do you by 'bump this'?

  4. it means pushing your thread to the top so it will be seen by someone who can help you.

  5. She means to post to it, thus putting it at the top of the front page, hopefully bringing it to the attention of someone who knows the answer.

  6. Exactly, sorry. It was just already on page three of the forums, thus less likely to be seen. :)

  7. Ahhh okay, thanks!


  8. Not likely that this is going to happen anytime soon, but sending in your support for this into staff would be helpful for sure!

    They open on Monday!

    You will not be able to use the CSS to change the relative "functionality" which is required here!


  9. Okay thanks! I will send it into Support as advised.


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