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Archive update delay

  1. This has happened to be twice now, and I'm not sure if it is normal or not. When I post something that is the first post of the month, the Archives listed on my page don't seem to update for like 1-3hrs. The last month it shows is the previous month, not the current month.

    Last month, after a few hours, the archive list finally updated to show the new month. This month, it has happened again, and it is sort of irritating. Is this normal? Does everyone experience a slight delay in the archive list when posting under a new month?

  2. Please clear your browser cache and do a forced reload (CTRL-F5 on a PC) of the page in question.

    I'm not familiar with your ISP. You may be sitting behind a proxy of some sort as well.

  3. Hmm. I cleared my browser's cache (Safari), and it didn't resolve the issue on my laptop here, but by the wording of your response, I assumed you were able to see the missing month. So I hopped on an old computer and it looks just fine. No issues at all.

    I'm thoroughly confused. Maybe I'm not clearing something right...

  4. Safari has a number of issues as it's not HTML 4.01 compatable but I don't think they would come into play here.

    When I viewed your site, I was able to see two months. I'm running the WinXP SP2 upgrade currently so I can't open up a new window to check. Could someone else please do so?

    Hope this helps,

    edit: I don't think the site you're now linking to was the site I looked at earlier since I believe the theme is different but I see a large list of months now at the 'alex' site. Was that the one you were talking about?

  5. @drmike
    Is 1-3 hours a delay to be concerned about? This is what I see here with a firefox 2 browser: #

    * October 2006

  6. timethief - that is EXACTLY what I'm seeing here on this machine. November still missing (and my first post of this month occurred this morning at 9:15am, which is like what, 9hrs ago). That's quite a few hours ago...

    And yeah, the website in question is

  7. Quite aside from that your calendar is working fine. I can hover over November 1st and get Tigger, which is displayed parallel to it to my left. I don't use calendars and the archives on all my blogs (I have several and I just checked) are still saying October.

  8. I saw the link to October this morning when I looked but now I see the entire list of about 18 months.

  9. Yeah, there are 22 months listed (not counting November). I'm just going to give it overnight and see if it might be a caching issue elsewhere. I have no idea, but it appears to be a common circumstance on a few other blogs around WP.

  10. Do remember that there are 4 different datacenters. This maybe an issue with your data don't being mirrored correctly which would be a bug.

    How did you but the previous posts in there? Was this an import of some sort?

  11. No, I've never imported anything to my primary blog except when I first started the account probably 9-12 months ago. (

    I just checked my email and received an new message from Podz, who said they are fine-tuning the caching, and sometimes minor stuff like this might happen.

  12. Someone tell Podz to go to bed. It's like 2AM where he is. :(

  13. Podz work is never finished...

  14. Go to bed Mark sleep and dream sweet dreams .... *

  15. And what do you know... I see November now! About 11hrs later, but it's there. :)

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