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archive versus category

  1. Hello, I have not established a way to archive or categorize my previous posts. I notice that my blog takes awhile for visitors to load because my previous posts are on my home page. I plan to do more frequent posting, (shorter posts), and hope for my blog to become for interactive- but would like to have a place where larger features and pieces go after a time on the home page. How long will items stay on my home page before hitting the archive? What if I want for a post to stay on the page for days- but want to also post my shorter interactive posts. Will one displace the other? Thanks to any kind soul who will take a moment :)
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  2. Posts are automatically included in your date and category archives, so you don't have to move them.

    Your blog's theme features infinite scroll, which means that readers just have to scroll down to load new posts. This does not affect your blog's load time as the posts are only loaded after every seventh post.

  3. Thanks! So that means if I have assigned a category- it will magically appear after 7 posts- on the right side of my page it's assigned category- so I can assign different categories to my articles- right?

  4. No, that means that if you assign a category, it will appear on the category archive page:

    On the front page, if you scroll post post 7, it will load posts 8 - 14, and so on.

  5. Is there a way to make it happen like I stated above? Thanks again!

  6. No, that cannot be done with a theme that features infinite scroll. With a different theme, you have the option of choosing how many posts appear on the front page.

  7. Thanks so much for your help.
    I want to have a place to store the short, frequent posts that I will be writing. I'm hoping they can all be seen together. Would I be able to send them to a 'page' in my theme?

  8. You can set a static front page and use a different page as your 'blog post page'. Review the steps in this guide to learn how to do this.

  9. Would another option be for me to have a categories widget so that as I create specific content- when those posts are 'filed' they will go to that category- which would be displayed in my sidebar?
    Thanks again!

  10. No, the Categories widget only displays links to your category archive pages.

  11. Thanks for your help :)

  12. You're welcome!

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