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  1. I am a neophyte and having trouble trying to archive an EMAIL newsletter that was sent out in 2009 into my Archive Widget. I'm using Constant Contact and they told me how to do it from their end - copy and paste the http address. I copied fine, but don't know where to paste!

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Hello there,
    When we publish a post it is automatically added to our Archives -- we do nothing. Moreover we are not able to enter anything into an Archives widget at all. It functions automatically.

    I am not clear on what you are trying to do. I suspect that the instructions you have received from constantcontact are for WordPress.ORG installs and not for a free hosted blogs like the one linked to your username.

  3. Thanks for that information. Now I have another question: can I select a widget in which I can paste in a copy of an email that has been sent out previously. My goal is to suggest my email readers go to my blog to read past emails and new blog posts.

  4. Sidebars are barrow and text widgets are not meant to include whole emails that will take up most of the space in your sidebar. I would not use one that way but you can if you wish to. I would set up RSS Feed Links for posts and comments and enable blog subscriptions.

    The RSS URL for your posts is >
    The RSS URL for your comments is >

  5. OK, one more question: Where do I go to find definitions and/or directions for all the different widgets? Most of them are Greek to me!!

  6. This is the main page in support documentation for all widgets >
    When you click on a link for any individual widget on the main page another page will open where you will find a description of the widget and how to install it.

    As you are new I can recommend a comprehensive tutorial. The Learn tutorial is divided into progressive levels and presented as a series:

    Happy blogging! :)

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