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    A few hours ago I imported nearly 1,000 private/protected posts over from Livejournal that date back to 1990. All of the posts imported successfully and appear in the “Edit Posts” pages (64 of them!), but I’m having two problems with the archive widget on the site page:

    1. posts (in both drop-down list and calendar) prior to mid-2007 do not appear
    2. the post count for each month is wrong (way too few)

    IOW, there doesn’t currently seem to be any “pretty” way to locate posts prior to 2007. Is there a time lag or something for huge numbers of imported posts to show up in the widget?

    I’m using the “Cutline” theme, my blog is protected, and I have a free account.

    Thanks in advance!

    The blog I need help with is



    I forgot to mention that filtering by a tag doesn’t show any posts prior to 2007 either, and I know there are hundreds more…



    Oh gosh — my bad. Filtering by tag DOES show old posts. Sorry! Sorry! Wish there was some way to delete one of these things… :-P


    Put the following into your browser address bar to check the actual number of posts from 2007: . You will likely have to use the “previous” button at the bottom of the page.


    On the post counts in the archive widget, it very well may take a few hours for it to completely update. The sidebars are cached.

    Also, make sure and clear your browser cache once in a while and force reload the page to check and see if the number has updated.



    Cleared cache and refreshed page a few times — still nothing prior to 2007 showing up in archive widget, and post counts are still the same (way off).

    I’ll let it cook until tomorrow morning and report back.

    Thanks for the superluminal response!



    Aha! I’ve found the connection: the widget is not including PRIVATE posts!! The post counts and the months shown in the widget’s calendar/drop-down only reflect the PROTECTED posts, of which there are only 35, and the oldest of these dates back to 2007. Mystery solved.

    Now is this a bug, a limitation, or did I do something wrong when I imported? Anything I can do to fix?



    A related wrinkle appears to be in the Dashboard’s “Right Now” widget; “At a Glance” shows only the count of protected posts — which decrements if I change a protected post’s privacy level to “private”.

    Doesn’t seem right to me…


    Private posts are not counted in the archives widget since they are private. As far as the public side of the blog is concerned, they don’t exist. Protected posts will show since those posts do exist on the public side, they just require a password for access.



    So what you’re telling me is if my entire blog is private, then there’s no way for me — the logged in author/admin — to browse my own post titles other than to go to the “Edit Posts” pages or backpedal through “previous posts” links? I mean, I have 20 years’ worth of posts here!

    Kinda what it looks like, since I just made all the protected posts private and now there’s NOTHING in either “recent posts” or the archive widget. Even my tag cloud is gone.

    That really sucks. Livejournal makes me nervous with the buyout, but at least there I can easily browse my own archive of 950 all-private posts…


    No, if the posts are there and if they are set to private, you should be able to view them from your blog while you are logged in. Private posts will not be viewable by others though, only you and only when you are logged in. I do not believe that the post count will reflect private posts even for you if you are logged in.

    If you have posts that are showing up in the dashboard under posts > edit, but are not showing up on the blog, then you need to contact staff directly at .



    The posts themselves show up in the blog.

    I guess what I’m trying to find out is whether or not there is complete privacy at the account level. I need to be able to see my tags and post titles in widgets. If I can’t do that without making all 950 of my posts public (or protected), then I’ll have to stick with Livejournal.



    Sorry, that previous reply wasn’t clear. I got a serious case of sleep deprivation going on, so I’m not terribly coherent these days. I apologize for that.

    My real question is: in Settings > Privacy Settings, if I have my blog visibility set to “only users I choose” then bulk-change the visibility of all my posts to “public”, then my entire blog should be viewable only by me (when I am logged in), correct?

    I guess it’s the word “public” in any context that’s got me so hung up…


    Yes, if you set the entire blog to private at settings privacy, then you would be the only person that would be able to see the posts (unless you specifically invited others). You could then set all the posts to “public” and then they should all show up in the counts and such.


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    Yes. Unless you have other users who you have invited, then your blog will be readable only by you.



    Oh, thank you so much! And thank you all for being so patient! :-)


    You’re welcome.

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