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Archives are Unreadable

  1. Is there any way for me to change my blog so that the archives for each month are displayed with the oldest entry first? This would make it easier for someone to read all the posts on my blog in the order they were written from day 1.

  2. currently i don't believe thr's a solution to that, but i agree it would be nice to read archives from the oldest date because some later entries of the month do refer to some event posted earlier in the month.

    feedback time!

  3. That sounds like a big hack. In fact, WordPress (and other Blog CMSs ) have been designed to display the posts in a reverse chronological order, in order to complain the blog definition.

  4. yes indeed, a blog by right should display the latest posts at the top. however it's not very reader-friendly if you're surfing a blog's past archives in the reverse chronological order. it's like trying to read a storybook from the back page onwards.

  5. There is a way of reversing the order so your blog reads like a book and has an index. Exactly how this would affect the archives I'll leave to you to determine

  6. but this solution would alter the whole blog format, wouldn't it? what johnmax and i want are just for the archives to be in chronological but retain the reverse chronology in our front pages.

    let's see if we get a reply from the support team once feedback is open!

  7. Really, i doubt the support can handle this request, this is more than modify the theme files. Anyway, send the feedback and wait what they say.

  8. Yes, indeed it would reverse the entire order of the blog. Blogs and their archives are designed to display the most recent entry on top.
    (As you are into writing sulz I wanted to show you that the book format option existed. )
    I like the way may archives are displayed right now. The reverse seems illogical to me.
    send feedback ...

  9. well if that's the case it would be pretty much pointless for the feedback since it's going to be a hassle to modify the files which i think the support team wouldn't want to do...

  10. I believe they would have to re-code the widgets and replace them for over 500,000 blogs. I also believe that most bloggers would not want the order reversed.

  11. The reply is that it will not be done.
    It would not be a blog then would it?

  12. Probably not although I could see how it could be done. You would have to modify the underlying wp files though and make the template call a different function.

    It's doable...

  13. It is doable. There has been the very very occasional request on the .org forums. But the definition of a blog is how WP has always operated. It's a blog. It's a reverse chronological publishing tool. So to change the order makes it not a blog - and golb doesn't work :)
    It just won't be done here. If for no other reason than when the list of things people want is looked at, this is really really low...

  14. Agreed. Just thinking outloud since someone up above mentioned that it would require a heavy rewrite.

    Falls under that "trying to educate" bit I bring up from time to time. :)

  15. educated i was. ;)

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