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    Is there any way that the full content of my July and June archives can be displayed, when the archive button is opened – in the same way as Most Recent Posts on the Home Page is now? Can I store them in, say, a Page each month which is easily opened? Otherwise viewers have to keep clicking Previous, and cannot see what is there till they get to it. I would like all my posts to be visible, by clicking on the right month for them – couldn’t find the know-how, as yet. Appreciate your help.

    The blog I need help with is



    That is not possible in the Archives widget. You can make a manual Text Widget, but that’s about it.


    It would take some maintaining, but you could categorize each of your posts with a month/ year category, and then use the custom menu link to each months post either as top menu items or as submenu items.

    This document discusses the menus and down the page a bit talks about category pages.

    Some themes display the category dynamic pages with full posts, others use excerpts.


    Actually in looking at your blog, your archives pages appear to be doing what I understand you are asking for it to do. If you need it to be more prominent, consider the menu option I posted above.


    And for a good article on the many options related to your archives, see this support article:

    Perhaps using one of these short codes on a page that is featured on your menu will accomplish the visibility and usability your visitors need.


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    Why not just use the archives shortcode on a page. It will generate a list of all your post titles (linked to the posts).



    Thank you all so much for your replies and help. I will see what i can sort out tomorrow. I wanted it to be easy for readers to see or at least link to a list of my early post titles, as well as the Recent ones in the widget. I could change it to Show the last 70 posts, but that would be a little long, and it gets longer! Anyway thanks again, and I will look into what you suggest – particularly shortcode seems right – and learn more. Jane

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