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    Hi. There is a list of months appear under the Archives. I find that the list is too long. I would like to create a drop down box in Archives for readers to choose the month, instead of having the months listed down. Can I do this?



    Not as far as I know. Changes to the template are not allowed outside of the Custom CSS upgrade, and are minimal even then. The reason for this is that we’re on a shared blogging platform, so when you change something in your blog you would be changing it for everyone using that template.

    Maybe one of the CSS gurus can help you, but this sounds like the kind of thing that’s hardcoded and you won’t be able to work around. Perhaps you could re-order your sidebar so the archives are lower? That might make it look better.



    nope – i don’t know if this can be achieved by css, perhaps? but i agree – i want a shorter archives on my sidebar… like a link for all posts in 2006 instead of showing each and every month. that link could lead to a page where posts are archived into months.



    The Theme 2813 actually do that for you (Blix theme used to have one too). There’s a Page Template for Categories and Monthly Archives. I wish all the Themes has these options.



    I usually suggest copying the HTML into a Page and getting rid of the Archive widget. That and the category listings. I was getting way too many false positive search results with the category listing being in teh sidebar.

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