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  1. Hi I am learning but hey wordpress does seem complicated... my question - on the top of my blog pages the are the words archive category: (then the name of my category). So they are really categories not pages (as the terms are used by wordpress).
    I have 2 questions
    1 can i get rid of this information (ie Archives category:....)
    2 i have read EVERYTHING many times - but i still dont understand what a page is and what a category is - how they function?? My menu bar lists the categories and 1 page - which I have set as page 1 - is there better ways of setting this up??

    thank you anyone who can help!!

    The blog I need help with is

  2. 1.) I don't see an "archives category" on your navigation bar.

    2.) First of all, you have one dynamic page where you write your posts (some people call the articles they write "blogs" and some people call the whole collection of posts on a site a "blog.") This dynamic page is called "front page," "home page," or "blogging page." The way your site (blog) is currently set up, a reader finds your front page by clicking the title of your blog. This home page is the list or compilation of all the posts you have made on your blog. Every time you add a post the "list" the "page"changes.

    It's confusing that the dynamic front page is called a page. None the less, it is significantly different from any static page. Static pages are outside of the blog structure: use them for background information that does not change often. You can't tag or categorize a static page.

    The blog structure is based on a dynamic, changing system where new posts are added in reverse chronological order, with the newest post on top. You can tag or categorize posts.

    Categories help readers find topics of interest (also search engines use tags and categories). The other function of categories is to organize your blog. All of your posts in a particular category will be grouped together. Instead of your reader having to look through the entire list of all your posts, he/she can see a list of only the posts in a particular topic. While these category pages (sort of lists of posts) do change just like your home page changes, you can't post directly to them: you must assign a category to each post. The the wordpress blogging software will pull together all those posts into a category page: a group of posts on the same topic.

  3. I see you are using an archives widget in your footer to show links to your older posts.

    Just as the wordpress software can automatically group posts together by category, it can group posts by month. If I click on "July 2006" I will see a list of all 12 posts you put online back then. That list of posts is referred to as an archives page.

    Again, it is confusing that we call it a page. A regular page has one article. You can't add any posts to it: the article on the page can get longer and longer but the blogging software will not group similar paragraphs together by topic or date. It remains a lump of information which only you can organize.

  4. wow thank you so much!!1tess the most sense ever - i have updated as much as i cn and am sooo much happier now - things just appeared when they were done properly!! thanks again - one more question - when you look at one link say "Travel"the first line is "Archive Category: Travel"- how do you suggest i get rid of "Archive Category"? Thanks again

  5. mmm I changes my archives widget for categories widget but still have the heading "Category Archive..." on the top of each page excepy "About" - how do i get rid of the work "Archive"??

  6. Another thing - I set the time zone and formats - but where does this appear on my blog?

  7. Your time zone setting are on this page Dashboard > Settings > General and once you set them your whole blog will be operating in accord with the timeszone you set up.

    Some blog themes display dates and times on posts and some display only dates. However, the date is part of the URL of every post you publish.
    To create a new post, go to Posts > Add New from the dashboard or use the New Post link in the gray admin bar shown at the top of pages while you are logged in.

    To create a page either you can click Pages -> Add New in your dashboard. Or you can select New Page from the dropdown menu in the upper right corner of an administration screen.

    There are significant differences between pages and posts. See here >

  8. posts

    Archives are NOT categories. The Archives Widget organizes your previously published posts by month. This can be handy for readers who want to browse your older content.

  9. "Category Archive: ..." is the automatically created heading of your category pages. You can't get rid of it unless you buy the CSS upgrade or unless you switch to a theme with no such heading.

  10. OK I am happy now thanks to everyone - well happy till i get confused again - but with luck i'll be ok for at least a few years!! thanks everyone for your help - i will keep exploring

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