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Archives Disappear?

  1. Hey,

    I use the Hemmingway Theme. My 2005 archives disappeared from the list (but when I go into Dashboard > Manage, they are still there).

    Any specific reason they aren't showing up? Any help is appreciated, and thanks in advance. :]

  2. I see a list of Monthly archives on your blog.

  3. I see the list too..the thing is, it's not the complete list. I just asked because before it always showed the complete list and recently all the 2005 entries disappeared, along with one from 2006. Does it only list a certain amount?

  4. I see the issue now. Hmm, that is strange. I wonder if Hemingway only goes back a year for archives. Sucks if it did.

    Feedback sent.

  5. Thanks :)

  6. I have noticed in the last two months that there have been bloggers in the forum reporting a lag in the updating of archives when the new month begins. But I'm too busy to use the search box to back this up right now.

  7. Viva is talking about months actually disappears, not not being updated.

  8. OOPs! sorry for the inappropriate response. I didn't read the thread carefully enough [she said with a red face]. :(

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