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Archives or suspended - why? and how?

  1. Hi, a few days ago my blog was archived or suspended, without any warning, and then I couldn't log in here to ask why... Two days later, it was back, so I'm not complaining, but in case that happens again, what should I do? Thanks for your help.

  2. I can't give you a reason but I'm eyeing those Amazon links with what appears to be affliate codes within them. I know we're not suppost to run Adsense and javascript adverts on here. (Read about it there) The Amazon adverts aren't covered by that FAQ as they're just text adverts. And even I wouldn't call that a splog in anyway....

    But the isound links don't have affliate codes....

    I don't have you on my list of reported splogs.


    Got me stumped.

    Maybe one of the key masters will see this and we can get a definate answer.

  3. I don't have any amazon affiliate codes, only plain ol' links... I wouldn't know the first thing about them, and I sure am not a splog! Maybe it was a mistake, but if I should change something, I'd like to know what. Thanks.

  4. I don't deal with Amazon (We use Comission Junction on my webhosting) so I'm not sure how they do their links but I'm seeing this bit in each of your Amazon links at the end:


    I may be wrong (Just ask my exwife) but that sure looks like an affiliate code to me. May be a session code of some sort, like a browser cookie. When I follow through one of those links, I do note that Amazon does change it.

    Maybe we can get someone who knows Amazon's coding to pipe up and give us a reply.

    Besides that, I see no issue with your blog.


  5. OK, I'll cut that from links from now on, try to get a "pure" one. Thanks for the heads-up (maybe it's your ex-wife who was wrong)!

  6. drmike -

    Amazon affiliate id looks something like "coolaff-21", and yes it is added at the end of any amazon links. The string of numbers are actually "session" codes, not affiliate codes.

  7. May I add on to this thread?

    After reading these posts, I realized I have been doing something that I shouldn't be doing! I created affiliate links to porn sites, and recently I posted 50% of my posts with such links. I didn't know it is not allowed :S

    When my blog (not this account) got suspended, I was worried sick. Did someone complained about my blog? Did turn me in? I am not worried about losing the blog - more like afraid of police knocking on my door.

  8. I'm assuming that your blog is not work safe. :)

    I've only turned in one adult site myself and had a chat with donncha about it. Adult pic sites are allowed. They just get tagged as mature, won't show up in the wp-admin referres, recent posted, top blog lists, or the fastest growing lists within the dashboard.

    Asainboys wasn't on my reported list. Don't know about any others.

  9. Yeah, it is not work safe :)

    There are adult pics on my blog, and they are linked via CCBill linkes to the various porn sites. That is considered "splog", no?

    The account I was referring to is "boys", not this one. I can't use that one to log in, so I used this username to post in forums.

    Should I be worried?

  10. OK, well there's no terms of service, no clear definition of what constitutes a 'splog' and no list of what content is considered acceptable and unacceptable. So basically all you can do is use your own judgment when posting stuff. If it gets deleted, then you'll know it's not allowed. If it doesn't, then presumably it is. (Unless you just got lucky and nobody spotted it.)

  11. Honest answer, I would rather be safe than sorry. I'd send in a feedback and straight out ask them if what you're doing is allowed. I know I allow adult sites within my hosting but they have to be declaired first and I have no problem with sites like you're doing. (My largest client is an adult content provider and we also have affiliate programs with a couple of others.) I do a lot of girl scout troop sites and I deal with too many churches. They don't like being on the same IPs with adult sites. (They're on the same boxes, just not the same IPs.)

  12. So.... no chance to regain access to my banned blog? At least allow me to retrieve my posts. Lots of sweat and tears spent there :(

  13. Not up to us I'm afraid. You'll have to send a feedback or email to Automattic.

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