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    I really am home to stay, this time! Got into a mess over at dot org, my site was compromised, hacked, corrupted, stolen from me….long nasty story I won’t go into here. I said I would move back here if “the worst happens” and it sure seems it did!! It’s sad to lose all of that hard work. But, this is why I kept a private version of my site over here, just in case… I must have had a premonition long before now… So, as of today, you really can click on my link in my profile and go right in…it’s public now.

    Anyway, I have a question about archive page making. I did that at dot Org but it seemed just a repeat of what visitors see on my front page. And it ran down the left margin, didn’t look all that spiffy. I just found out we can use shortcode to make the archives behave better. I made a simple listing of all my posts. Quite the list, that one. Too long really. I tried the dropdown format and it looks better. But is there a way to sort everything into years and months, all on the one page? I think that would be cool and maybe better than just the one huge list.

    The blog I need help with is


    Sorry to hear about your troubles. It is sad that there are those types out there that do those sorts of things.

    The archives shortcode is a little, err… short on options. The yearly, monthly and weekly just give the date (2011, May 2011, etc.) and don’t list the posts under them. The default post by post of course gives the complete listing of all posts. Did you think of perhaps creating an archive page and then putting the shortcode into the page? You can see an example here: . I used the “HTML” format to make it an unordered list.


    Just for the record…this seems way OT but since I brought it up…here is the response to my support ticket “over there”:

    We have found that your blog/forum had thousands of entries, comments, posts or users registered. This usually happens if you do not manage your website well, so automated bots register on your website and start posting junk/spam records there. Such activities overload our MySQL server and all users on the server start getting MySQL connection problems.

    The only way to get your account reactivated is to upgrade to our premium hosting where we have more powerful servers…..

    I did nothing wrong, just another innocent blogger happily posting away; and I was the only one administering my site, didn’t have any one else logging in that I KNOW OF…hmmm… I wasn’t the only person experiencing this trouble either, I noticed others on the forum. Anyway, I won’t name the freehost. But this sucks rotten eggs!!! Granted, it was a learning experience and I enjoyed the free services allowing me to use dot ORG without cost. Till now, the final cost was the loss of my site there, and realizing that I should have stayed right here at dot Com. I suspicion that the free hosting Admins are allowing this atrocity to occur in order to garner more paying customers!!

    Sorry for the rant, forgive me, maybe it should have been posted elsewhere here (I wasn’t sure just where).

    Yes I do have an archive page now, this is it:

    The plain [archives] list looked OK but it was just one big list, no divisions…the complete listing of all posts, as you said. I notice the options on the Docs page but I wasn’t sure just how to use them…


    I went and changed the shortcode back to a plain list, it looks a lot like yours, TSP.

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