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Archives Question

  1. Is there anyway that I can instead of having a list of months have a box with the arrows which you click on and a list of the months come up in a list. I use a Sapphire theme and I have seen it n others like mine. PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!

  2. HELP!!!!!!!!

  3. Can you post a link to where you saw this archive thing?

  4. Yes you can. You go to Design then widgets then where you Categories widget is. Then you click on edit and there you tick "Show as drop-down". Hope that helps.

  5. That's for categories. He's talking about archives. I don't know that the archive widget works this way.

  6. Oh sorry. My mistake

  7. Ive just checked and the archives widget does say "Display as a drop down". You could give this a try and see if that what you wanted.

  8. thanks

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