Archives with DePo Masterhead theme?

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    I am currently using DePo Masterhead theme. I know that there is a ‘archives’ link on the link bar now, but I would really like people to be able to quickly go to a previous blog page ON my blog page… if that is very clear. Can someone help?



    The best way with this theme is going to be using the date archives linked in the middle “sidebar” that you have.



    I have found an issue with this. I like the theme so much I will stick with it, but I added a note to

    “At the moment there appears to be an issue with the archives here. Not all the posts display after a certain number, and you are not told there are more. That’s why I include a calendar. When you reach the month you want to see, hover over the dates in the calendar to discover if there are more. Note too that the drop-down menu for months and for categories both tell you how many items there should be. I hope WP corrects this soon.

    I have temporarily enabled the blog to show up to twenty posts at a time to overcome this issue, but I would prefer not to have done this for obvious time/download problems this causes. May 2008 has 22 posts and March 2008 has 28. All other months will now display their full quota in one go.”


    I tried looking at the archives but it only goes back about 7 posts and I have almost 70!

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