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    I searched the forum and FAQ – perhaps I wasn’t searching with the correct terms – and I apologize if the answer is painfully obvious.

    On my blog I get a lot of traffic that is searching for posts a local hot-button topic that I post about often. However, when they get mixed in with all of my posts they get shuffled fairly quickly into the archives.

    I want to make it easy for my readers to get to those posts in a quick and efficient manner, but I don’t want all of the categories listed in my sidebar.

    Is it possible to place a link in my sidebar that links solely to one category of posts and how would I go about it?

    Thanks in advance.



    Yes it’s possible to create a text widget and include all the links to the articles in question in it in your sidebar.

    Another approach would be to create a site index on a page




    Just for reference, your firefox link in your sidebar is broken. It contains two ‘http://’ bits.

    I’d just do a text widget and put what links you want in there. I do teh same sort of thing with categories on my blog but with a page.



    Thanks so much!

    I think I’ve got it the best I can.

    drmike, thanks for the heads up on the firefox link.



    Not a problem. :)

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