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Archiving information

  1. Hi, i'm very new to this whole blog thing. I would like to know if it is possible to archive old posts? If so, will wordpress keep them archived as long as i still have the blog? By this i mean, if two years from now, i want to refer to a post i wrote. Can i search and find it via my blog?

    Thanks....Jennifer Arnold

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Hi, Jennifer, and welcome to WordPress. Since you're new, please take a moment to read this, with special attention to point #2.

  3. Thanks.....but just in case

  4. Thanks, Jennifer. The only edit you need to make is to remove the www from your url. It's not part of it, although it works, but it's better to be without it.

    Yes, your archives will always exist and they're created automatically. I see you have the archive widget in your sidebar and the category widget. Clicking on a category in that widget leads to the archive for that single category and it, too, is updated automatically. So for instance, your poems archive is here:

    For more on the archive widget, please see:

    And certainly you can use your search box to find individual posts. Once you have a couple hundred posts it will come in handy.

    I noticed Uncategorized in your category widget. Do try to think of at least one category or tag for each post. It will make it easier for readers and search engines to find you. Happy blogging!

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