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    In the settings section, I have chosen to have only one (the most current) post displayed. However, this seems to affect my archived posts as well…they are only listing one at a time. I’d like to have my most current post as the only one displayed on the front page, but when people want to look for archives, I’d prefer them to see a list of posts. Can anyone help? Thanks!



    you could create a archive page and manually set up a archive
    by manually adding the links to your post on the archive page


    that will be labor intensive since i plan to post often…any other ideas? it seems to me the archiving would/should be controlled separate from how many blogs are to be displayed on the front page.



    It is connected that way for everything at There is no workaround of which I am aware except what Teck has suggested, and several people do exactly that.


    The mistylook theme has an archive page template (not to mention a built-in contact page template) which works quite nicely, but you would have to switch to mistylook.



    Come to think of it, so does Monotone, although that’s a very specialized theme.

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