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Are affiliate text links allowed?

  1. I want to add two text links but are affiliates the two links are in interest to people who have interest in my blog. But i just wanted to check that you are allowed you do it? They would go in the sidebar somewhere.

    If they are not allowed can i add them without the affilaite code instead then?


    The blog I need help with is

  2. if you don't find the answer to your question there, then use the contact form to contact Support directly.

  3. I have read that already, i think that im allowed too as i cant find anythink that says i cant? Anyone else know?


  4. Don't assume. If you write original book reviews (not copied and pasted from somewhere else) then you are allowed to link to those books at Amazon. Other than that, no affiliate links.

    Read this:

    And contact support. If you don't, and what you are doing is not allowed then your blog will be deleted.

  5. I'm not using amazon, it would be for trading. I write about my daily trading i was just going to add two links for the software i use and the place i trade thats all.

  6. Trading affiliate links will I'm certain be a dead NO. But do check with staff.

  7. Ok, thanks. I'm going to contact support then.

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