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Are all keyboard characters acceptable in a blog title?

  1. Are there certain keyboard characters that would affect how my posts are searched? I’m wondering if these signs would present a problem in my blog title:

    = & * # @ ~ !

    TIA (thanks in advance)

    Theme: twentyeleven

    The blog I need help with is

  2. The short answer is "yes".

  3. Oops! Let me amend that. My yes was a reference to blog URLs. You were asking about the Blog Title.

    My advice it to avoid any trendy special character use in blog titles, post titles and page titles. My logic is plain and imple. I want everything I publish to be indexed instantly and searchable in Google so I don't take any chances by fooling around with cuteness.

  4. Makes sense now that I think of it ... lol

    Should I replace & sign with and?

    remember that changing posts that have been published will create broken links/404's.

    See, I'm learning!!

  5. The ampersand & is the bane of coders. I don't use it.

  6. Don't break any links. Write those off and avoid using & in the future.

  7. Thanks again, glad I found out now. One more question, please and thanks, then I will close this topic.

    A lot of my titles will have a question mark?

    Example: Who likes mangos?

    I have no idea what to replace it with?

  8. The question mark is a normal punctuation found at the end of a sentence or title. It's fine. No worries.

  9. Thanks!

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