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are blogs automatically closed?

  1. hi,
    i'd like to know if wordpress automatically deletes blogs after a period of time without traffic. is it possible not to write anything for, lets say, a year, and still have the blog up and going when i come back?


    The blog I need help with is

  2. No, god today alone we got someone who wanted to use the domain name of a blog that's been registered, but completely empty, since 2006.

  3. It seems wordpress won't delete the empty domain even long years ago. am I right?

  4. You're right. Too much potential for drama. If you want a particular domain and the blogger has posted contact info, you can ask them if they want to give it up. Otherwise it just sits there.

  5. @arnuss
    Just in case you two don't know this, if you register another blog and purchase a domain mapping upgrade what the underlying subdomain URL is does not matter at all. See here for registering such a "placeholder" blog.
    See here for purchasing a domain name and a domain mapping upgrade.

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