Are book giveaways a violation of TOS?

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    This morning I found that my blog was “suspended or archived for violation of TOS”.

    For the life of me I can’t figure out what TOS I violated. I have an E-mail into support (since they gave me no reason or notification via E-mail before taking this action.)

    I also at first couldn’t sign into my dashboard because it said my password was incorrect. I had a new password sent as if I had lost it, (though I hadn’t) – and can access my dashboard now, but the blog is gone.

    The blog was a personal blog about my life, books, raising kids, culture, politics, religion – any number of things.

    I know that we’re not allowed to make money from our WordPress blogs, and I’ve never tried. The only thing I can think of that they might see as “commercial content”, would be when I do book giveaways. The books are free and I do NOT make money from the giveaways. The publishers who make the free books available also do not make money from the giveaway. Do you think this is what they’re taking issue with though?

    Thanks in advance.



    You did not specify a blog address or reason for posting when you created this topic.

    This support forum is for hosted blogs only. If you have a self-hosted WordPress blog you need to seek help at the forums, not here.

    If you don’t understand the difference, you may find this information helpful.



    @ sambauers – I didn’t give my URL because at the moment it no longer exists so I didn’t think it was relevant. Nevertheless:



    The blog is back, but if you can get in touch with Support we can discuss it there :)



    Thank you, Mark. I have 2 E-mails into support already this morning regarding the issue, (with no response so far.) Should I continue to wait or send in a new E-mail?

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