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Are dreading your next birthday?

  1. I wrote a post today about an upcoming birthday. I'm not looking foward to a huge cake with all those massive quantities of lighted candles, which increase by a factor of one, like clockwork every year. Please visit

    The blog I need help with is

  2. The moment I hit 26, I realised those death tests I took years ago fortelling my demise at 25 year untrue and now I'm on the long road to 30, next year when I hit 27, it won't be a good day.

  3. At my last physical, my doctor me that he had some good news and some bad news for me. I said, "Hey doc, give me the good new first." he said, "From all your tests it seems that you are as healthy as a horse." "That's fantastic" I said. "Now what's the bad news doc; I can take it." "I'm sorry to say that horses on average only live about twenty years. You should have died years ago."

  4. Hahahahaha! I love that!

  5. I cannot stand the thought of another birthday, and yet it still circles back around and slams me every year. As you said, "like clockwork". It stinks. I am almost middle-aged and this is a problem for me. I just love, while I am sitting out back of my place, looking down at my left leg and and seeing the recently formed varicose veins bulging out -- mocking me. I don't mind getting older, but age really sucks. If you have time and wish to change to a different but stimulating subject, please visit: Cranium.

  6. I think the fire department should be present for my birthday party because of the cake and all the candles! Honestly, I love just getting together with the family. I never dread that.

  7. It is just the opposite for me. Family and friends are people I would feel best to keep at a distance on a birthday, only because they are a little too enthusiastic about it. I prefer to be alone and just stick with the only one who lives with me, my son. He respects my wishes and leaves it be. Birthdays are simply an indicator that I am just a year older and closer to putting one foot in the grave.

  8. Most of my friends are 5 years older than me, so when I complain I'm getting old, they just laugh. However, I am looking forward to my blog birthday: 1 years old :)

  9. I certainly do agree with the "blog" anniversaries. I have one which is several years old, and though I have slacked-off on posting to it, I try to keep it going as best I can. It is quite complex and somewhat difficult to understand, because it is set at a very different angle than Cranium. This other site can be located at LiveJournal, and is called Beyond The Final Boundary.

  10. @Ard The 30's are awesome Pete, enjoy your last few in the 20's zone, but the 30's are awesome... You know a lot more of what you like, and don't like, and want and don't want in your life.


  11. But once you hit 30 then it's the very long road to 40! I guess I'm afraid of getting old, live last, die young. That's how I roll!

  12. Thank you everyone who has commented. I think I need to forget about my birthday for a while and start reading all your blogs. Maybe I'll start at because not only is it a good place to think, but everybody says I have a huge head. This is just great. I'm getting older and if I painted my face orange I could be a jack-o-lantern this Halloween. I might even hit that blog known as I figure if I read someone who is crazier than me, I might forget that I just found another gray hair. I may see what is all about. Anything with fun in the name has to be better than all the smoke detectors in my house going off at once when I blew out my birthday candles. I may also need to view some beautiful photography to stave off depression. I hear there are some fantastic pictures at Well I gotta go. I need to visit http://darkjade68 and lose myself in some well written and interesting fantasy. I just put on my glasses, looked in the mirror, and decided that reality isn't for me. Thanks everyone.

  13. Sorry about that with the last site. It's I forgot to type in wordpress. I also haven't figured out how to put in a link. I wanted to list: Cranium, Evolution of Insanity, Bounce House Fun, La Plume Noire, and the Written Word, rather than the URL. maybe someone can tell me how to do it. Thanks

  14. Click on the link tab on the Leave a Reply then enter the URL then it'll ask you to enter text for the link :)

    But it's the thought of being mentioned that counts!

  15. I'm sorry again. Let's see if I can type in the right address. I'll make it up to you. Just please don't sick Pete at "ardpete'' on me. I hear he's pretty tough.

  16. @Ard I prefer

    Live Long and Prosper
    myself, lol

    @Pdy Thank You Pdy

    And if you want to Check out a Blog from a Guy that Can Write, but doesn't think he can, check out Simple Observations


  17. This has been an interesting post to follow in such a miscellaneous forum. I have enjoyed it gratefully, not knowing who was here to interact with.

    Many thanks to pdykie for starting the conversation. As for the comments by DarkJade and ardpete, I really liked the observations about the transitions between the 20's and the 30's. I can say DarkJade has a bit of an edge on what the 30's may be like, with the exception that it is a sad fact that this age brings about much greater responsibility. Unfortunately, I was pushed into tremendous amounts of responsibility even in my 20's because of the fact that I met and married a woman who went after only what she wanted and left the rest to me. Fortunately, we are no longer. Unfortunately, most of the best moments of my life have been wasted and used up by her. Now I am 36 -- looking down the business end of a loaded barrel that is 40. And thus I strongly dislike birthdays.

    And at last, may I say that I look forward to visiting DarkJade's site and perhaps even having a dialogue with her. I also know another person who's name is Jade, from my involvement in LiveJournal. She and I are close, however, she lives in the U.K., but I can at least call and text her. Regardless, I have encouraged her to continue to post to her journal site Temporarily lost at sea.

    Okay, that is all.

  18. I must have missed the responsibilty part of the 30s. It's great to have none and have income to do what I want. Apart from buy a house...

    I don't worry about getting older, just looking older, so it motivates me to keep fit, and I'm in quite good shape now.

    It does make me laugh when people in their 20s worry about getting older! It never bothered me when I was that age.

  19. Yeah well I have an old soul lol.

  20. It is good to know there are people out there who enjoy life so thoroughly. 20's, 30's... whatever it may be. I just wish I could've had such a carefree lifestyle in my time.

  21. becomingcliche

    I don't dread it. But I may be officially too old to get out of bed at that point.

  22. I agree that "ardpete" has an old soul. I can't believe that someone in his middle to late twenties could come up with some of the stuff he does. I'm with you "cjmonn" on wishing to have had such a care-free lifestyle. "Becomingcliche"; One of the best things about being older is naps, sleeping in, and more naps. You also don't have young children waking you up all the time. You may someday not want to get out of bed. To "titcl"; It's great you're keeping in shape. I wish you all the best.I took up kick-boxing and it's killing me.

  23. socialworkingal

    My next birthday will be the 30! I am already depressed about being 29! However, I pray that God allows me another year on this earth with my wonderful husband.

  24. Hey there, Socialworkingal:

    It is most pleasant to see yet another new "face" at these forums. Though I have had a WordPress account for a while now, I am just now getting around to the forums to meet others and to try and get the word out about the opening of my site and generating some viewership. But I like to meet and greet, too!

    Anyway, sorry you are "bummed-out" about your upcoming b-day, but look at it from this perspective... compared to many of us (and yes, against my own rule, I am making a stretch of an assumption,) you are probably still a youngling. So don't freak about it just yet. :)

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