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Are excerpts useless in

  1. Hello all. I've been reading for a few hours, after having worked 4-midnight. It's almost 5 in the morning, so I'm not reading anymore tonight. Forgive me if this is covered elsewhere. I would dearly love to one day have my own blog. But for now it's the freebie, which is mighty nice for sure. Thanks WP! I've been dutifully writing excerpts for a number of weeks now, thinking I was helping myself. I was just practicing, it turns out. I guess that's good. Why are excerpts possible for my free blog if I can't upload the plugin that would enable search engines to utilize them? Thanks in advance.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. The excerpt function works in only a few themes. It's a way of showing a custom summary of your posts. I don't know if it has any special use for search engines, though.

    When you are ready to read again, read these articles:

  3. It works in Google. Sometimes Google will use the excerpt when displaying search results.

  4. They also go out as the feed.

  5. Thanks. I'll do some reading. It's just that I was sure that the faqs I have read said I needed to have a private wp blog and the (Platinum SEO for example) plugins it would allow for any of that optimization to work.

    Thanks. I'll read. My traffic is increasing. People must wonder what I'm going on about eh? But I'm happy for now. I will one day jump to the private option hopefully. Later...

  6. @arrby

    I needed to have a private wp blog and the (Platinum SEO for example) plugins it would allow for any of that optimization to work.

    Excuse me but blogs like the one linked to your username do not have individual plugins. Only blogs do. As it's important to fully comprehend the differences between the two, please read this entry

  7. @arrby
    With the theme you are using, none of your readers won't wonder what you are on about because they will not see your excerpts. If you switched to another excerpt enabled theme, then you could use customized summaries of your posts and feeds. Even including images, text formatting and links.
    I'm understanding that what you are calling "private wp blog" means that you are looking at WordPress.ORG as opposed to WordPress.COM. One is not "better" than the other: it depends on what you want to accomplish with your blog. timethief gave you a link.
    wp.COM does a great lot of SEO enhancing things with global tags to publisize your blog, things you may not get with a self-hosted blog. No automatically /

  8. Can't edit:
    "none of your readers will wonder…"

  9. It is clear you're attempting to follow instructions which do not relate to our blogs here. You'll save yourself a lot of work if you pay no attention to and look at all advice for blogs with an eye towards whether or not it can be applied here.

  10. @timethief: The private wp blogs 'are' blogs. I know that. I can't afford to host and to pay someone to maintain a private blog (which would be I didn't suggest that I understood something different. I only stated that I one day would like to do just that.

  11. And I don't think that I said anywhere that I was unhappy with anything. I explictly stated that I was very thankful with what I've got for free. I just think it would be great to go the private route. And, no, I have only been reading material related to wordpress. That was a bizarre comment raincoaster.

    I'm sorry I posted here. Sheesh. Relax people. I'm not looking for a fight - over nothing. I said I'd read the linked to material. Give me a chance to do that.

  12. If you would read the links, you'd know my comment was not bizarre. You've been reading suggestions which do not apply to WordPress.COM.

  13. areyoutargeted

    The excerpts may also show in the mobile theme. Yes, people really do check blogs from their mobile phones sometimes.

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