Are Feedback Requests Finishing?

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    Just a short question, I fired off two feedback requests now, and each time, upon hitting submit, I’m redirected to the wpmu-feedback.php file, and the output is just blank (which isn’t a suprise).
    Seeing as feedback is “AJAXy”, it’s not supposed to send me anywhere, just confirm and collapse the feedback section.
    Not only that, but even if I had javascript turned off (which I don’t) I should be redirected to somewhere with confirmation that my request was sent/recieved properly (which, again, I’m not receieving any output).

    Now folks, please;
    DO NOT Spam up the gang with ‘test feedback’. I’m only putting this here so someone who has control over that facet of the site will know (assuming they don’t already).



    vxjasonxv – I know it’s not completely broken because I just opened Thunderbird and slightly more mail than I would normally expect is there – but nothing from you.
    Give it another go?



    Seems to be a problem with Safari.
    Any other Safari users here have a problem in the past? Or perhaps, any other Safari users not have any problems at all?



    Wouldn’t surprise me if it was true. I know Safari has issues with JavaScript and WYSIWYG.

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