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Are "Freshly Pressed" features randomly chosen?

  1. i was fortunate enough to be featured awhile back, but it got me wondering: what prompts WP to select your post as a "freshly pressed" feature?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. It's chosen by one specific editor. It's basically anything she figures is publicity-worthy.

  3. thank you, you've been a big help.

    Love the FP feature, that REALLY brings in new fellow wordpress followers - a great tool!

  4. Freshly Pressed selections are made by a single editor and everyone else's posts (millions) are all competing for her attention.
    Five Ways to Get Featured on Freshly Pressed
    Also note that having a post "freshly pressed" results in a tidal wave of traffic that bounces in and out on the same link thereby skewing your stats. The number of those who actually click further into the blog and who subscribe to follow is very small.

  5. BUT that said, if you have fresh content up within 24 hours and it's interesting, my experience is that you retain 10% of any viral bump.

  6. 10% is very high from what I have ascertained it's more in the order of 2%.

  7. My experience comes out solidly with 10%.

  8. There now are several of us on the lookout for FP material daily, and any WordPress staffer can promote a post if they find something they think the community will enjoy.

    The Daily Post feature that raincoaster linked to is a weekly feature we've started recently that looks at specific FP picks and why we thought they were worth highlighting, and I'd encourage you to check that out.

  9. got you - thanks for the info!

  10. Sure thing!

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