Are gallery pages necessary or preferable?

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    I only just learned to make a gallery page! Whoo hoo. LOL. I need to make a number of those on certain posts. But for a long time, I have taken posts that have oh, maybe 12 or 15 images, and divided them up into “pages” on the post. Not more than 3 “pages,” I read somewhere that anything beyond that and visitors will get bored and not “turn the page” again. I rather like the large previews, I’ve gotten used to that. And I have to consider whether creating maybe 37 gallery pages (out of some 600 posts, this site has been around for about 3 yrs) is worth the labor? I get lots of Likes, so I wonder about this for that reason… do people really mind those large preview images or maybe even prefer them? I don’t know, and this has puzzled me for quite some time.

    So how about it, does anyone have any good advice or ideas about this? I’m not really planning on rebuilding the site (that would take another 3 years!) but simply musing on how to do things to the best advantage and to please visitors most…



    The blog I need help with is

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