Are images private until the blog post is published

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    Suppose I have an image, but I don’t want people to see it until the blog post that links to it is published. Is there anything special I need to do to keep the image hidden?

    I have figured out that people can find an image if they know the name of the file, but I don’t think people can browse the media library. I want to make sure there isn’t a feature somewhere that lets people browse through the images.

    I’m using the Media Library to store my images and I want to schedule my posts to publish one per day. I don’t want to get up every morning, upload the new image, and then publish.



    Unless someone had the exact link to that image in your media library, there is no way for them to view it. Search engines do crawl our image folders, so there is always the possibility they will pick it up and it could show up in google image search, but if it isn’t too long from the time you upload the image till you publish the post (less than two weeks) then you are probably safe.



    I am no expert but can give you my observations regarding my own blog.

    There are a number of my images in my media library which have never been linked to or published in a post. As far as I can see, they have not been found by the search engines.

    This could be because in the main, I leave the file name of these unattached images as they come of the camera. So the file name could be just an image number – which might not mean much to a search engine.


    If you do not include “alt” tags, the search engines will not index your photos. I have photos and screenshots in my test blog here that have never been inserted into a post, but they show up on google images. The file name has nothing to do with it really.


    One note on alt tags. I get a good number of hits each month off photos on my site from the search engines – about 15% of my monthly hit total actually, so putting alt tags on photos is a good thing. It also helps to minimize XHTML validation errors on your site. (Search engines don’t like validation errors.)



    TSP – I see

    So its the fact that the unattached pictures in the media file dont have alt tags which prevents them from being found by search engines?



    Thanks TSP!

    Well mostly thanks – Alt Tags on about 200 pictures, and I was wondering what my next project was after migrating my site to here. :)

    I learn something new everyday in the Forum



    Do not neglect to apply SEO to your images, and to be sure you tag accurately. The Google crawler cannot read image scripts and therefore using the ALT attribute (providing a description) will allow you to tell the crawler what the image is referring to. If you want your images to be indexed by the search spiders then give your images the full treatment (TITLE tag, ALT tag Description). More here > Blogging: SEO images enhance your posts



    Theres something else Ive noticed – dont know if it helps or not.

    I have posted a number of images as a gallery within a post. These images dont have tags – but the search engine image search finds them, seemingly via the wording of the post title.



    It’s curious that a search crawler can find the images, but a person can’t.

    I don’t want the images found until they are posted on a blog. I’m trying to line up 365 images and publish one a day. I specifically don’t want people to see all the images on the first day. I was hoping I could get the topics with links all set up before the new year and then just schedule them to publish one per day. Seems like that isn’t an option.



    Use something like Windows live Writer (write the post on your PC) – then save the drafts on your PC – then upload them every few days with the publish set on the scheduled date – not the same as 100% but the thing about search engines is that even if they know the information is there you need to ask the right questions to find it.



    To satisfy yourself, why not do a test?

    Make a draft post including some keywords relevant to the post and attach a relevant image. Make sure the image has been tagged as suggested above.

    Keep it permanently as a draft and see if the search engines find it by typing in the keywords. These keywords would be what someone might reasonably type in to find your image or post.

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