Are "Likes" Transferrable?

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    I recently moved from one blog to another blog, and was wondering if the “likes” from my old site could be transferred to the new one?

    Many thanks.
    Blog url:

    The blog I need help with is



    Please don’t create duplicate threads. It takes longer to get help when you do this. Staff have a backlog and the first thread has been flagged for a response to your question which I believe will be a negative one. Please post only in that first thread after Staff respond to you in it as I’m falling this one for closure.



    falling = flagging


    Oops. Didn’t realize I couldn’t re-ask a question. My apologies.



    You are new – no problem. Note that on any forum page in the top right hand corner you see Welcome, thebiglittlegirl and if you click it you will find every post you have made to the support forums.

    This is a peer support forum. Here Volunteers and Staff work cooperatively to deliver support. Here Volunteers answer most questions and Staff monitor. When Volunteers cannot provide the required support we flag threads for Staff attention. When we create a support thread that’s flagged for Staff attention it’s important to understand they have a backlog. They deal with the support tickets with the earliest dates first. So if we contact them more than once on the same issue or create duplicate threads the date moves forward and it takes longer to get help.

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