Are my stats right?

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    is my graph for the number of viewers right? it always says my blog has
    received 200 or 500 or 1000 visitors but when i add it all up in the refferer
    list it only comes up to like 50!! what am i doing wrong? PLEEEEZE HELP!!!



    It’s never been explained by staff what the graph is messuring exactly. My understanding, with some mucking around and testing, is that the graph measures page views, Post and Page views and loading of your blog’s home page.

    Referrers is just that. A single count of where people are finding your site.

    A single visitor will come from a single source (The referral count) but should have more than one page view. (The graph count)

    Search engines, browser bookmarks, and directly typing in your blog’s URL are not counted within the refferer count as they are not comeing from another webpage.

    Hope this helps,

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