Are my two blogs linked?

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    This is probably a very stupid question but I want two blogs. I want them under the same email address so I have them under the same account to make them easier to manage. But to readers, I don’t want my blogs in any way linked. I dont want the readers of my expat blog to be able to see I ahve a second blog and read that. (of course if they stumble across it by chance thats fine) I just don’t want any linkage on the blogs themselves.

    On my secondary blog, will it refer to my username and/or primary blog in anyway?

    Not sure I’ve explained myself well but any help would be super appreciated


    The blog I need help with is



    You can setup up multiple blogs under one user account. Just login the your account and go to the signup page which is found here:

    When you post to each blog you will be posting using the same user name so if you want that to be different as well you would need to have separate user accounts. This can be a bit of a problem though because you have to remember which account you are logged in under when posting.

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