are non-aflliate links allowed?

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    I’m relatively new to I’ve read though the terms and conditions about advertising not being allowed on free blogs and the execptions to this with certain sites. I’ve also looked through the forums to see if my question has been answer.

    Basically what I want to know is am I allowed to put links (just text links within my blog posts) to amazon? I am not an amazon affiliate, so I will be making no money from this or any other links I’d want to post. My blog is a book review site and i just want to make it easy for anyone reading it to find the book in question. The same with links to goodreads, is this ok? Most of my posts are about books, therefore the links are in many of them.

    I’m truly sorry if i’m repeating a question already asked but i just couldn’t find an answer any where that wasn’t a copy and pasting of the TOS, all I’m looking for is a yes that’s ok or no that’s not allowed.

    Thanks so much

    The blog I need help with is



    The answer is “yes” you can do that.


    Awesome, thank you so much!



    You’re welcome.



    If your site is a legit book review site, staff have said that Amazon affiliate links are okay under that circumstance.

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