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Are other widgets available?

  1. Are other widgets available besides those listed under the Design tab/Widgets/Available Widgets section? Is there a vendor(s) who is recommended?

    I've tried to add some code into the text widget without a lot of success, and also discovered by trying to use a Statcounter widget, that javascript is not allowed.

    Recommendations for where to find safe approved widgets would be appreciated.

    My site is if that's helpful at all.



  2. The only widgets you can use here are those in your dashboard. No javascript, no flash, no frames are allowed. Plain HTML is the only thing we can use.

  3. If you find a widget with Plain HTML you can always add the code to a text widget

  4. Do a forum search for "Codes for WordPress" and you'll find ninety-some suggestions for stuff you can put in a text widget.

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