Are Pics on Pages possible?

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    I’ve searched the forums, but could’t find the answer to this question.

    I’m having trouble putting pics on pages in my blog, even though I can copy and pasted the same html onto a post (the picture works on the post). Are pics just not allowed on pages? Or am I missing something here?

    Ps. I used the incredibly helpful description on the faq to get the picture onto the post.



    Yes, it’s the same method.

    What looks like the issue is though is that you’ve choose the Links Page Template for your Picture Page. This overrides any of the content that you place in the Page. You want to use the Default Template instead. The Links Page Template wil just like any BookMarks that you have entered into the database.

    hope this helps,



    You are correct! Thanks so much. I’ll pay closer attention to the templates.

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