Coraline theme in Norwegian?

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    I am in the process of moving my blog to, and I just discovered that the Coraline theme isn’t translated to Norwegian after the move. Do I have to translate it on my own, or are the po/mo language files available for download anywhere on
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    Please review this guide on how to get your blog in your own language.



    Thank you for the link. While that solves the translations of the main installation, the specific problem with Coraline still remains, as there is no translation available. I could do the translation myself, but that seems like a waste of time when I know the translations exist somewhere on

    For now I’ve found a work around by dumping translations from related to Coraline and run it through a script to generate my po file.



    Thank you for your feedback about the Translations for the Coraline theme I have passed it on to our Theme team for consideration.

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