Are spam referrers a problem?

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    Every day I have a referrer listed that looks like this:

    [Spam URL removed]

    Sometimes the first term in the URL changes, but the basic format is always the same. Clicking this link takes me to a spam website. Is this something that can be blocked? Does it NEED to be blocked? I can’t really see how they are benefiting by referring to my blog, but if they are, I’d love to be able to prevent it.

    Thanks for providing a terrific service!!
    Blog url:



    This does appear to be spam and I’ve passed this link on to our team. Thanks for your report.

    In the future, please contact us via and file a private request (if the option presents itself) to report these, as we don’t want to provide any further publicity for the spammers.



    Will do. Thanks!

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