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Are Spammers Linking To Us?

  1. In my "Incoming Links" list I now have two probably spam sites linking to my blog. This is one of them, http:// futuretiger .co .uk / ampixphoto/-- ok, don't click and take my word for it. It is a site that only has my most recent post and a bunch of google ads. Is this happening to anyone else?

    [Link broken - Mark]

  2. every now and then, yes.

  3. I have the same problem but not from the same site. Is there any way to resolve this?

  4. Do a search for "splog" and you'll see many threads on the topic. I, personally, tend to ignore them.

  5. Yeah, mine is http:// slotmachinesfreevirtualcasinoslots .blogspot .com/2007/12/art-appreciation-and-authenticity.html

    It has nothing more than the title of my blog entry, and then VIRTUAL SLOTS links

    I reported the site to blogspot, but I have yet to see if they do anything.

    [Link broken - Mark]

  6. @writingcanada
    Contacting the host is the correct way to go and this thread lays out what to do step by step DMCA or not?

  7. i have sites spamming my content too!! it's really irritating. how can this be stopped?
    this site:

    http:// i-war . com/2007/12/21 /nl-asterix-at-the-olympic-games-crystalmeth/

    and this site:

    http:// ?p=10405

    [Links broken - Mark]

  8. If you read the post right above yours, it answers your question.

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