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Are stats not working right today?

  1. I have direct knowledge that more people have read today's post than are showing up as having read it in my statistics page. And my hit count suddenly stopped increasing a couple of hours ago. Is something going on with stats today?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Sometimes takes awhile for cached stats data to be displayed. I suggest you wait for awhile.

  3. Interesting. Thanks for the info. It seems "active" again.

    I was curious because I happened to look at stats a couple hours ago and it was only showing one less than when I posted the question, yet I knew that several people had been on the blog. But it looks like I'm getting hits coming in again, so undoubtedly your caching comment is the explanation.

  4. Thanks for letting us know your stats are updating now and best wishes with your blog.

  5. intelligentguidetoms

    I hope someone can help me with this. I have had almost no pageviews recorded in 'statistics' today but I know that can't be correct. What do I need to do to get stats turned on again for my blog? Thanks.

  6. Is this the blog in question?

  7. intelligentguidetoms

    Timethief, thanks, I see they are working. I must have just looked at the time when shortly after there was a switch to a new day (Jan 4).

  8. Not to worry and best wishes. :)

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