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Are stats updating normally today?

  1. I noticed I've been stuck on the same number of hits since three hours ago and although I don't get 10,000 hits per day, I get enough traffic to know it's unlikely I've had nothing in three hours.

    Just wondering if anyone else is experiencing this.


    The blog I need help with is

  2. Yes, I am also. My stats aren't updating. Have been stuck for quite a while, even though my latest post is getting lots and lots of hits.

  3. I started noticing this within the last 2 hours, and verified it by doing testing by visiting my blog several times while not logged in. Normally this would cause my hit counter to go up but it has not in this timeframe.

  4. Same here.

  5. This seems to happen a lot. Will we lose the missing stats once this has been corrected?


  6. Same here. Frozen for maybe 2 or 3 hours.

  7. Has anyone reported it to staff yet?

  8. Me too - no update for about 4 hours. Very annoying. I hope we donĀ“t loose the missing hits!

  9. Same here. Nothing new for the last three hours, or there about.

  10. Ditto.

  11. Has anyone reported it to staff yet? That's the best way to get it fixed pronto.

  12. The same. My stats are like three hours old and my counter isn't working.

  13. I just did. We'll see just how pronto it gets fixed!!

  14. Hey, my hit count just increased by two. I donno if I can handle all this action.

  15. 1minutebookreviewswordpresscom

    The stats for my site, One-Minute Book Reviews, have also been frozen for a couple of hours.

  16. frozen in 2082 visits report this please

  17. Mine have been frozen for about three hours. Sitemeter's recorded over 100 hits in that time.
    I did report it to support just now, before I noticed disembedded's post.

  18. Yes, I have the same number of visits even though 3 people have commented on my latest post..the number hasn't increased.

  19. Same here. I haven't received any hits in 4 hours according to the stats counter but my live traffic feed says differently.

  20. I just reported it a second time.

  21. Nice to know it's not just me - my stats have been frozen for the past couple hours too.

    Off to search for site activity/problems report. I'll post if I find anything.

  22. stats are frozen here as well.

  23. I'm frozen also...weak

  24. does anyone have a rough idea of when it might get resolved?

  25. On another thread, WordPress Down, Staff said that some locations were experiencing trouble. Maybe this is associated with it.

  26. yeah, that thread redirected me here.

  27. this sucks because i'm getting the most views today.

  28. Hi folks. Stats have definitely frozen. Thought it was just me!

  29. Hits have been stuck since about 9am EST for me on my dinky blog too. Stats look frozen. HALP plz.

  30. think it might have been resolved. let me know if it has for you guys or not.


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