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Are stats updating normally today?

  1. I put in a help ticket and pointed them to this thread asking for someone to let us know what was going on.

    My stats have started to move slooooooooowly in the last 20 mins or so, but it doesn't look like I've recovered any of the hits I received during the "black out" hours

  2. funky16corners

    Same here. Minimal uptick in stats, no recovery of lost hits

  3. very sloooooooowly starting to see some movement. Graph still stuck, but gross hit count has ticked up.

  4. Still NO movement whatsoever on my stats page.

  5. Yeeeaaa...just moved 1 hit up....will we get back what was not marked? (please say yes) :)

  6. I take it the stats issue must be a pretty sharp technical issue to resolve because, from previous experience, response from admin has been swift when issues have been raised. I do hope this issue is sorted out soon given the vast amount of work that went into launching this latest version of wordpress software.

  7. 3 hits up for me every 20 minutes...

  8. sensuouscurmudgeon

    Picked up 7 more hits, but every other time I refresh the page formatting is gone. Staff must be going through a rough time.

  9. I do not seem to have any of my "missing" stats yet.

  10. Bleh - so frustrating for a new blogger! (Frustrating for everyone, no doubt.) Added SiteMeter, but that doesn't help the past 6 hours. :(

  11. One! One view!

  12. Hehe 2 someone still love me :p on a positive side guys and girls...we are not getting any spam :p

  13. Its back people!! :)

  14. Its working!

  15. secondchancetolive

    I just got a stat increase too. Thank you support for fixing the matter.


  16. mmmh all your stats are back? if that is the case I only had 2 hits all day...*feels like a failed blogger* :D :p

  17. New hits are being recorded but the stats have NOT been updated to reflect hits during the outage.

    Sitemeter recorded about 200 hits for me during past hours that are not accounted for on the stats page.

  18. Just received this from wordpress via email:

    I'm sorry. We had a problem with the stats today for several hours. Stats are recording again. We are working on getting the missing stats back into the system. We'll give an update once we have more information.

  19. New stats working now. Support said that they were working on seeing if they can get the old stats missed back up for us. As for now, I am getting new hits, so that's good.

  20. Ah! Just received a nice email from Nick:

    Stats are recording again. We are working on getting the missing stats back into the system. We'll give an update once we have more information.

    I'm sure they've been pulling their hair out over this, but there's hope for the missing stats.

    Thanks, Nick & others.....

  21. I created a discussion for the missing stats during the blackout in a new thread for clarity >>

  22. just got the same reply from support too...I certainly hope we can get the missing traffic has increased by 50% this week and we even hit the top 100 fastest Growing Blogs list this week....don't want to go backwards now.

  23. Hope this is true across the board for stats. Since 830 am CST (more than 7 hours ago), I've now gone up by...............7 hits. As I wrote when I started this thread, my traffic isn't in the thousands per day. But it's in the hundreds, so this is still off.

    I wrote support, too, so I guess it's just a waiting game.

    Thanks to everyone who has weighed in! Nice to know it wasn't just me this morning.

  24. Sorry for the interruption in stats today. We are working to restore the missing stats but it may take a little while.

  25. Thank you! I suspect I speak for a lot of folks here - at the end of the day, our blogs are about content over numbers. But the numbers do allow us to see if the content is reaching people.

    Again, thank you for jumping on the problem for all of us. It's greatly appreciated!

  26. I thought it was just me.

    This coincided with my host getting hacked, so I assumed folks just stopped visiting the site. Then I fixed things, and the stats didn't come back up, even after a PR post. But when I check my AWStats it shows I've actually had a huge spike in traffic. So I came here to check it out.

  27. Thanks to the folks at support for their hard work and efforts.......I've been with WordPress since October, and this is the first time this has happened to I'm very grateful for the service we get...thanks again.

  28. ctrnash - This is the third time this has happened but considering how many blogs they have, the technical requirements involved, etc., quite honestly I'm surprised they don't have more problems with stats.

    In both previous cases, all my stats eventually got recorded.

  29. It looks like all my "lost" stats got recorded :-)

  30. Interesting thread. My stats aren't frozen, but Friday, and today, they've been painfully slow - and the overall hits for the day, usually falling within a range I consider normal, have plummeted. Wonder if it's the same problem...

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