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Are stats updating normally today?

  1. I must say they are very very slow today...I did put that down to Saturday and the fact that few really are probably interested to read my ramblings , and yet I cant stop thinking that it's a veeeeeeery slow day again...I just hope its only me...

  2. I have such very low stats since yesterday...
    Today is no better...
    I can't believe that nobody is interested suddenly...
    Please tell me it's not only me...!!

  3. Stats gave been a problem for 2 days. There's also - for those who enable them - a problem with related links. They were missing, then they came back for a while, now they're gone and haven't returned. Previously re-enabling them brought them back see my post here I've reported it to WP too.

    I think the stats and links problems are related (sorry, no pun intended). And am I the only one to find WP very slow today?

  4. Make that possibly related links - and they've returned. Almost simultaneously, my stats have gone up quite a bit, too.

  5. @ joniew - It's not only I said something does not look right even today with my stats but I thought it was only me...

  6. Stats should be working normally now. Are you guys saying that you are just not getting as much traffic as you expect?

    Possibly Related Posts are not related to stats, except for the fact that the related posts can bring you more traffic. ronsrealm, we are looking at your other post to continue discussing the Possibly Related Posts topic.

  7. I'm glad I'm not the only one feeling lonely ...
    Leilani - I'll come and visit your website and keep you company while we wait for
    our stats to recover...
    It looks ... magical!

  8. @designsimply thank you for all the support :) indeed the stats are now moving...I guess it was only a slow day :p

    @joniew ..hehe...I've done the same with your blog :) and I can say the same :)

  9. homebuyersadvocate

    I've noticed my Friday Jan 30 daily view total keeps changing back and forth between two different amounts. It has constantly done this for the last few days. If I go to stats, then refresh screen or go to summary tables the value keeps switching. Anyone know why this is happenning? Does it have something to do with near EOM. Just curious.

  10. Glad I'm not the only one getting low stats. I thought it might have been my breath or B.O.

  11. stats still f'd up. I cant see the entire bottom row and they look much lower than they were two days ago, like I lost stats. It seems to be working to some degree tracking hits, but beyond that I dont know what's going on.

  12. @314, I see nothing unusual on your stats page.

    @lettershometoyou, likewise - in fact your stats have peaked higher than usual recently.

    @homebuyersadvocate, I see the same number of hits on Jan 30 no matter what.

    Once a while we have a stats problem that causes hits to be recorded later than normal, like the one referred to above. I don't believe we've had one that has caused data to be lost.

    If you think you have found a stats problem, please report it in a support ticket with enough information for staff to look at - exactly what you're seeing, what it should be, and why you know that. "Stats are low on date X. It's showing Y but it should be Z and I know this because.."

  13. I get no stats. Zero. Zip. Actually it peeked at 4 a few days ago and went back to zero, and I know that's not right because folks are commenting on my site, AWStats shows traffic, my googleads are showing hits, and this is bollox. What is wrong here?

  14. I am still confused by how my stats have changed since the problem few days ago...I really don't want to be a pain, sorry support ..Hanni did have a look for me yesterday and she said they are ok...and yet it does look to me like all my readers are gone on vacation or something :( it is strange because lsat week I actually picked and every day they were going up and up and then all dropped after the stats I said I do try to blame bad luck and my silly ramblings that are not of much interest but still I am sure you can understand the confusion...

  15. I am a little slow myself today - stopping a about half-a-hour ago. We'll, maybe I've just peaked.

  16. gravatariscancer

    0 hits is a little unusual. I can't prove anyone actually went to my blog, so a support ticket is useless...

  17. @guesst - sorry but your blog isn't hosted at so we can't help.

    @rjjrdq - remember that "today" is "today GMT", and we're only about 6 hours in. Readers in Europe are only just waking up.

  18. thefunkyrooster

    Definitely something wrong with the stats. It's FIXED at 0!
    Yesterday was the problem with double http, today is stats.
    What's up WordPress?

  19. thefunkyrooster

    Definitely something wrong with the stats. It's fixed at 0!
    Yesterday was the double http problem, today is stats.
    What's up WordPress?

  20. My stats have not moved since January 12th, and I know people have been viewing my site because they have told me and have been helping me troubleshoot. Today, I can't even get the stats widget to work on the main page of my dashboard, I get a "this page cannot be displayed" within the widget.

  21. Without a link to your blog, we can't even take a look to see if we can help. Please link your name to your blog following the instructions in the thread 8 Things at the top of the main forum page.

  22. Oops, sorry about that, I've now added my blog to my profile.

  23. Thanks, it's important. About a third of questions here in the forums come from people in the wrong place, so we always have to check.

    Several people are reporting stats problems today. I'm going to go to sleep and if it's still screwed up when I wake up, I'll contact staff. You might want to check yours in an hour or so and if required, do the same.

  24. I am really sorry but stats are really confusing me...I can't understand why they changed so much . Referrers are also not showing properly.

  25. Having a problem with my stats today. It was fine earlier and showing a nice little graph but that's changed. The graph has become a bar chart of Region A and Region B with year dates 2003, 2004, and 2005 under each set of bars.

    Is this normal? Where has my lovely little counter graph gone!?
    Not fussed that I have low hits, only to be expected with a new blog but stats would be nice.

  26. I usually get up to 2,000 hits per day, but in the last couple of days, the hits go up very slowly and only get up to 200. I still get the usual people on everyday. Even my who's among us counter says there are at least 15 people on all the time, but the hits only rise like 50 per hour. I would like this fixed. I might have to use another counter.

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