Are stats updating normally today?

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    Without a link to your blog, we can’t even take a look to see if we can help. Please link your name to your blog following the instructions in the thread 8 Things at the top of the main forum page.



    Oops, sorry about that, I’ve now added my blog to my profile.



    Thanks, it’s important. About a third of questions here in the forums come from people in the wrong place, so we always have to check.

    Several people are reporting stats problems today. I’m going to go to sleep and if it’s still screwed up when I wake up, I’ll contact staff. You might want to check yours in an hour or so and if required, do the same.


    I am really sorry but stats are really confusing me…I can’t understand why they changed so much . Referrers are also not showing properly.



    Having a problem with my stats today. It was fine earlier and showing a nice little graph but that’s changed. The graph has become a bar chart of Region A and Region B with year dates 2003, 2004, and 2005 under each set of bars.

    Is this normal? Where has my lovely little counter graph gone!?
    Not fussed that I have low hits, only to be expected with a new blog but stats would be nice.



    I usually get up to 2,000 hits per day, but in the last couple of days, the hits go up very slowly and only get up to 200. I still get the usual people on everyday. Even my who’s among us counter says there are at least 15 people on all the time, but the hits only rise like 50 per hour. I would like this fixed. I might have to use another counter.

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