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Are Stats Working Properly?

  1. Has anyone noticed any irregularities in the stats today? I ask because I'm well on track for a record in visits, but I can't figure out where they are all coming from under referrers or incoming links.

  2. Mine look "normal" on my blogs.

  3. Mine seem high compared to the last time I looked.

  4. thistimethisspace

    My stats are as expected - low - boo hoo. :(

  5. Mine showed a spike since this morning and the hits reflect to the post I visited, which leads to perhaps our own visits are being tracked?

    I'm not that concerned, since my blog has a 'captive' audience. It's just nice looking at the number of hits!

  6. I made it onto the fastest growing blogs list, so maybe that's where the traffic is coming from? [pats self on back] :D

  7. @mu
    It's my understanding that when we are signed in to our own visits to our own blogs are not being counted. What is being counted is "page views". This is worthwhile reading


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