Are Tags still working?

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    I’ve noticed that over the last 2 days or so my tagged posts are no longer showing up in the appropriate category

    Is there a current problem with the Tag’ing engine at all or…?



    It might be a problem that’s happening at the moment as a few people have mentioned it; it’s also possible that your blog has been marked as mature or you’ve set your blog to block search engines in Dashboard > Options > Privacy. I’d suggest checking your privacy settings and if they’re fine, then contact staff on Monday to see if they can help you. You could also post in the thread below in case staff sees it over the weekend. Hope that helps.



    good ideas thanks for the post



    Hope you get it solved. And thanks, btw, I didn’t know the Star Trek trailer was online yet. W00t! :) Happy blogging.



    k i checked on the options as nothing is blocked…on a related note the same posts that won’t show up in the Tags view are not indexed on either..

    anyways thnx again


    My posts are not going into the WordPress tags at all. This is for new posts and past ones. My categories are working fine, though. Hope this will be resolved shortly as I post links to those tags for my readers to click to to see all of my posts for news and/or politics and video-videos.




    Hi there! This happened to me a couple of weeks ago. I noticed none of my posts were showing up on tag referral pages. I posted in here for help and thesacredpath gave me some tips to try. Check that thread if you want to try his tips:

    However, nothing helped for me, and so I sent in a support request, which was sorted out and the problem fixed for me. I’m back on the referral pages! I suggest trying the tips first and if still no luck, then send in a support request.


    Thanks, fracas, appreciate your help. Will read that post.

    All is well as my posts are going into the WordPress tags now, hopefully they’ll continue to do so.


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