Are the earnings on my blog correct?

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    I’ve had wordads running on my website for a few months now, and was wondering if the earnings are correct or not.

    The wordads page on my dashboard says that for 4379 Ad impressions, I got $2.04.

    Are these earnings correct, because I used to have AdWords on my old site, and they pulled much more money from much less traffic?

    The blog I need help with is



    I have $2.10 for over 9000 ad impressions. ummmmmmm…..



    Well that’s inconsistent



    Yeah what the heck is going on?



    LOL! I have $1.32 for 3.248.470 ad impressions! I’m the winner!



    Ouch. This is ridiculous.



    Yeah ridiculous!!!!!!



    LOL certainly something is wrong…


    I got 0.02$ for 1000 impressions… I supposed this will be fixed eventually.


    23 cents for 16,500 impressions.

    Earn money from your site by showing high quality advertisements. Make your passion a career.

    I don’t know if they intended to deceive here, but it’s not realistic.



    What would you be willing to do for $5 up to $500? If you’ve got the skills and time by using Freelance gig jobs board…



    Mine are very low as well (3.91 from 9024 ad impressions), but I thought that was because I live in India. I thought N America had most returns per ad impressions. That’s not correct?



    The most common question we get about WordAds is why isn’t pricing consistent and regular. If I give WordAds 1000 impressions why can’t I always get $1 for that?

    The answer is that most of the pricing is out of our control. WordAds is the conduit between your site and the global online advertising marketplace. This marketplace is so big WordAds really has very little impact to influence those prices. With our volume we can negotiate deals that smaller sites couldn’t on their own.

    One of the biggest impacts that WordAds can make in pricing is by layering in as many quality ad partners as possible. So we do a lot of testing to see which partners have a pricing advantage and to make sure their ads are good quality.

    If you wonder why online advertising can be so cheap we agree, we would be much happier if it was more expensive. But there is an enormous amount of inventory that advertisers can buy from. Facebook serves billions of ads each day. All that volume keeps prices low.

    Another common question, seen here, is why one site earned more than another. The biggest factor is geographies of the visitors. Some countries visitors are valued by advertiser at vastly greater rates than others.

    Regarding the idea of making a living from online ads, we agree its not easy. We have some sites that are doing it but you need over a million ad views per month and most of them in North America. For others, who are not at the level, we hope that at some point if they earn $100 payout that this is a welcome windfall.


    We need a way to run our own ads if you can’t get meaningful leverage over pricing with WordAds.

    I’ve got an idea: give us the ability to run ads from Amazon and Google’s affiliate program the same way you can on Blogger. Those programs have enough quality control to where it shouldn’t add any administrative overhead for


    Hi Jon, one last question from me (hopefully it’s the last one), since I have terminated my WordAds, and I have some monies in my account, but less than 100, where does it go?

    Thanks and have a great weekend everyone.



    Yeah, this is frustrating. 2,726 ad impressions earns me $1.02!? That’s absurd.

    I’d love to hear what other bloggers have done to get more return on their blogging efforts…


    How about -246,552 for $25.58? My October was 4.16 for 38563.Seriously WordAds are not being fair to us. It’s like giving them spaces for free.



    Reading some comments, I get the impression that some don’t understand what is WordAds so I am hoping to better explain it. WordAds is not an advertiser. So we cannot under-pay you or short-change you for your ad space. It’s in our best interest and our mission for sites on to earn as much as possible, but I think you can understand that we cannot lose money and pay sites more than they earned from advertisers.

    WordAds is a group of engineers, UI designers and finance people who serve as a conduit between you and advertisers. We have some influence on ad rates. Because is a top 10 global Internet site we can negotiate better terms with advertisers than a small site. But no company is big enough to demand much higher prices for Internet ad inventory. Most of the work we do is technical which allows us to test and run ads from a great variety of partners.

    Most often sites that complain about poor pricing get most of their visits from countries like India, Malaysia, Indonesia or other countries where advertising is inexpensive. We simply can’t force advertisers to pay much more for something that they don’t value. Even in North America there is a limit to how much we can demand from ads. Sites like Facebook serve billions of ads per day and advertisers can buy that fairly inexpensively. There is no shortage of places where advertisers can spend their money and that keeps rates low.

    Given that explanation I hope you can understand that its not possible for WordAds to be ‘unfair’ to bloggers. It is possible that we could be better at our jobs. There might be an ad partner that we haven’t tested yet that might enhance your earnings. That’s what we focus on.

    Vaguereference you suggest that we run affiliate ads from Amazon. We do run affiliate ads from Amazon and have for about 5 years. There is a common perception that these pay meaningful amounts. In our experience it doesn’t pay well at all. We still run them but if that is all you run on your site you would earn nearly nothing. Affiliate programs only pay when someone buys a product vs. our brand ads which pay for views.

    The hard truth about online advertising is that you need millions of ad views per month, and they need to be mostly from North America or the biggest European economies, before you are earning meaningful payouts. If you are much less than that then you must have realistic expectations or you will always be disappointed.

    If you have any further questions about what is WordAds or your specific earnings please don’t hesitate to get in touch with me at Jon


    I understand that CPM has been driven into the ground by most larger sites aiming for traffic numbers over quality of traffic. That doesn’t make it fair to someone who’s doing something worthwhile that doesn’t get much traffic.

    Do you think it’s reasonable that you need millions of hits to get a meaningful payout? It’s nonsense. Just because it’s the way the industry works doesn’t mean it’s healthy or sustainable.

    And the vast majority of those 16,000+ hits were from the US. 23 cents.



    I think what you posted is crystal clear and I thank you for posting it.

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