Are the invites misleading?

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    I sent myself an invite to another address to see what it looked like. To my surprise, it did not ask me to join my blog at all! It didn’t even mention it. Rather it seemed designed to generate more WordPress blogs: “You have been invited to create a free blog. To accept this invitation, visit….”

    Unfortunately, many of the users I sent the invite to were not familiar with blogs at all, much less had any desire to create one (family, ect.) and so were totally confused by the import of the message. Is there a different way to send invites, or can the invite message be re-worded.?

    The blog I need help with is



    I’m not sure where you sent your invite from, but in my dashboard, under Users > Invites I can write whatever text I want to appear in the invite.



    Yes, you’re correct. You can leave a custom message, but it follows the invite to create a blog. This is what made it so confusing to my recipients. They may want, out of curiosity to to join a blog, but why in the world would they want to create one?



    The invitation is totally misleading. All I want to do is add someone as an author, but they get an email that says

    “You have been invited to create a free blog. To accept this invitation, visit <click on link>.

    they don’t WANT to create a blog, they just want to make posts. VERY OBNOXIOUS TECHNIQUE TO GAIN USERS! Also, the new blog just showed up under MY name – how does that help the new author??

    Husdal, doesn’t matter what you write in the custom message, when they click on the link it still takes them to a WordPress invitation to create a blog.



    I agree that this is poor usability.

    What about ‘xx would like you to become a contributor on their blog. To do so, you first need to create a WordPress account [we won’t spam you]. Here’s how:’

    It’s also incredibly confusing if you already have one WP blog. So I think the note should also say, ‘If you already have a WordPress blog, here are some step by step instructions for how to set up access to this new blog via your own WP dashboard page.’

    I still can’t figure this (latter) out. It’s incredibly confusing.



    I would like to flag this for Support response. Anyone know how to do that?



    My “Invite” screen doesn’t work at all. I get a form for name, email and custom message, but the form won’t accept any text. I’ve tried both IE and FF, neither works.

    Any suggestions?

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