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Are the stats ever going to be fixed?

  1. I've had on and off problems, and continual odd messages, like this one:

    (Hopefully you can see this not being logged in as the user).

    The blog I need help with is

  2. sub

  3. ps I'm not positive I can get back to this page (forums were down too at some point from my blog) so please if anything can be fixed......

  4. **Sorry, I wish I could edit comments here.

    Also - the Dashboard is working just fine. Except Stats there have apparently been disabled somehow, so they appear all strange and unaligned, and the Blogs I Follow tab now goes to the Reader which does not work.

    Sure would be nice to have the Blog Surfer back.

  5. This thread is flagged for Staff attention.

  6. Thank you!! :)

  7. @ameliespp
    You have three threads flagged for Staff attention. Exactly which browser and version of it are you using please. If you don’t know click here to find out >
    P.S. My guess is that you are using IE.

  8. Yep, IE 7 or 9 depending on which computer I'm on.

    The primary one is IE 9.

  9. IE9 in compatibility mode renders as IE7 and IE7 is not supported.

    Why go through this over and over again when you don't have to? You are using your own home computer, right? I'm stuck on windows XP and I can't upgrade to IE9 but I could care less because I started using Firefox when the latest version of IE was IE6 (IE6the worst browser ever invented). I have never looked back.

    Every day I see people posting here who could go to and download a reliable Firefox 14.0.1 and be up a running with zero issues but they aren't doing that. Look at the browser share stats here > Obviously IE browsers shares are so low they are going to way of the dodo bird so why cling to them? I repeat -- I just don't get it.

  10. Timethief - first of all I'm eternally grateful for your free, timely advice. It's very generous of you to have given my problems so much attention. I mean that.

    Having said that, I am so sick of people telling me to switch browsers. If the WordPress staff can't make their platform work with one of the most commonly used browsers on the planet, they're either lazy or incompetent.

    I love IE7 and IE9. I've had perfect success with it and zero problems except on WordPress. I'm not going to switch browsers. But I might change blog sites, and I will encourage my readers to do the same. I am not at all the only one completely fed up with WordPress.

    I say this having considered signing up for paid services - but now I won't ever consider it. Too many glitches and too many times I've been told that it's my fault for using the wrong browser, even after users have said outright that they're having the same problems on Firefox!

    Also, I turn OFF compatibility mode every time I'm on WP. However, as I've already said a million times, there are several functions on WP like photo downloading that ONLY work with compatibility mode on.

    I will change sites if I have to. I don't mind glitches, especially if very kind people like you take time out of your day to help me. I don't expect instant solutions. What I expect is for WordPress to simply say "oops sorry we'll look into it instead of saying "geez it's because you chose the wrong browser". Not a good answer.

  11. Bearing in mind timethief isn't WordPress, she's a blogger just like you who volunteers and 99 times out of 100 it's the browsers at fault. If you tried using another browser just to even see if the problem still persists then WordPress staff might be more inclined to take a look at your problem. If you insist on using an inferior browser which is only the most commonly used browser due to it being the default that comes with the largest Operating System on the planet then you're bound to run into problems.

    Just because Internet Explorer is vastly used doesn't mean it's the best. Leaving your blog and going elsewhere due to a browser issue is only going to ruin your viewership and I doubt others would follow your lead if WordPress works fine with them and considering there isn't really any platforms out there that even compare to WordPress.

    I'd suggest trying it on another browser and if it works fine then there might be more suggestions on what to do to fix your IE.

    Of course if you don't want to do that and you've already made your mind up about leaving, good luck.

  12. Ardpete,

    Yes I realize Timethief is a volunteer. That and her helpfulness is why I offered the praise that I did. Every bit of it deserved.

    Please provide me with some evidence that Internet Explorer is "inferior". My boyfriend is one of the most respected computer experts in our region, and it's the one he prefers over all the others. If you have more knowledge than him, fine. Go ahead and tell me exactly how IE is inferior.

  13. Well for one Internet Explorer won't let you view your stats while others almost certainly will (most probably because you're using an out of date browser) and IE is well known for having a high amount of security issues.

    Good for him being one of the most respected computer experts in his region. So am I.

    All I'm doing is asking you to try an alternative to see if the problem persists, but it's up to you if you want to help yourself resolve the issue you are having.

    Some websites update over time which is why updated browsers are needed, "Why doesn't my Wii game work?" Because you're trying to plug it into a SNES. Same principle.

  14. You're talking about issues strictly related to WordPress. As though that's all we do all day long. I use our browser for my job as well.

    What security issues specifically, by the way?

    We're not using IE because it's the default. Any dummy can switch browsers. I'm using it because it works great. Are you really telling me I have to now use a new browser just so I can blog? That's absurd.

    And by the way, I came over here from Vox. I didn't lose a single reader. We're a community and in 200(9)? it was a community decision to switch over to WP after Sixapart shut down. And we'll move again if we have to.

    I'd love to hear a WordPress staff representative come onto this forum and tell me in person that you're right - they won't take my complaint seriously unless I switch browsers. That would be quite an enlightening moment for many people. I can't wait to hear their answer.

  15. You're talking about issues strictly related to WordPress. As though that's all we do all day long. I use our browser for my job as well.

    I'm talking about WordPress issues because this is a WordPress support forum.

    Are you really telling me I have to now use a new browser just so I can blog? That's absurd.

    If you actually read what I wrote, I'm telling you to try viewing your blog in a different browser to see if you have the same issues. If you aren't then someone may have more suggestions on how to fix your IE, if you are having the same issues then there may actually be something wrong with your blog and staff can look into it.

    I'm not getting into an argument about why Internet Explorer is inferior, if you believe it isn't; good for you. This forum isn't for debating which browser is the best, Google is your friend.

    You have your answer and your next troubleshooting step, if you don't want to do it, fine. But don't expect someone to just come up with a magical answer that'll solve your problems because you don't want to try doing something logical.

  16. Well, don't get me wrong. I appreciate you taking the time to help. The reason I don't want to try a different browser is because our primary computer is the one we both use for work. Now, I haven't hassled my boyfriend over this issue because he has better things to worry about. And I don't want to monkey with stuff.

    I would try Firefox except I've now heard half a dozen people say they're experiencing the exact same issues. So what has anyone to say about that?

    If a WordPress staff shows up and says I really must switch browsers to test this, I may consider it. But what then? Is there really no other way to test my blog? I've never heard of having to go through such trouble to fix a blog.

    If this many people are complaining, what could possibly be wrong with my blog in particular that isn't the trouble everyone else is having?

  17. Most browser issues are caused by outdated browser versions (Such as IE7 that's known not to work with WordPress correctly anymore), or the cache and cookies need clearing, or their internet isn't working correctly, or their computer is inferior, or they had a dodgy addon in their browser; there is such a small portion of people with browser issues when looking at the bigger picture, you say half a dozen, so that's 6 people, out of 30 million active WordPress blogs. - This shows that less people are using IE every month and have gone from 84% worldwide usage to just 16% in the last ten years. What's the reason for that I wonder? Firefox isn't the only alternative, Chrome is the most popular browser these days and the one I prefer.

    Did you try logging in via HTTPS?

  18. You posted this on another thread:

    Also on a side note: I'm still getting those cryptic red messages on my Stats page. No one has told me what those mean. I linked to that forum topic on the first comment.

    What do the cryptic red messages say?

  19. Out the door right now, Ardpete. But I appreciate your help, seriously. I hope you're around this week. We have IE9 for our primary computer; is that outdated too since IE10 exists now?

    I'll try your suggestions. Did you see the red messages? There were 3 total but I'll have to see if I did a print screen for the other ones.


  20. @ameliespp
    You clearly do not want to change browsers and that means you will continue to have issues, so I'm sorry that you are making this choice. But don't get me wrong, I wish you all the best with your blogging.

  21. Time thief so that's what the WordPress staff told you? Or is that your opinion? Just so I know.

  22. I would be interested to know if the messages on the stats screen appear for you when using IE 9, and if they disappear when you load your page in another browser. I am not requiring that you use these other browsers, but it will help me with troubleshooting the issue to find out if it's a browser issue or something else, by being able to pinpoint when the issue does, and does not, occur.

    To timethief's point: in a world of constantly improving technology, eventually all hardware and software will become outdated. I once used a Mac SE. Unfortunately, as much as I loved that computer when it was new, it's simply not going to allow me to do very much in 2012.

    The team strongly recommends that all of our users update to the most recent version of their preferred choice of browser, be it Safari, Chrome, Firefox or IE (or even some of the others out there), so that all of our features and options function properly. If you choose not to upgrade, that's totally okay (and sometimes, depending on your computer and operating system limitations, it's a necessity) but be aware that some things may not perform optimally if you use an old browser to view our site.

  23. Hi Jackiedana - thanks for the response!

    I think we may upgrade anyway, so that's fine. Other browsers have drawbacks for us; for example Chrome doesn't allow you to change text size (eye problems) so that's no good.

    I realized that I may be able to use an old laptop to try WP on another browser; so I'm happy to give that a try. Can I email you?

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