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Are there any known issues with WordPress running under Mac 10.7.1 Lion / Safari

  1. Hello,

    Have recently moved to a Mac from Windows PC, I have noticed the responsiveness of WordPress when I am adding / editing posts has got worse, and sometimes "publish" doesn't work properly. (I have moved to a quad core from a dual core processor so if anything should be quicker, both had 8 GB RAM, and am on the same broadband).

    Are there any known issues running WordPress in Safari browser under Mac OS Lion 10.7.1?
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  2. Hi there,

    We haven't come across any issues with WordPress on Lion. (In fact, a good portion of our staff uses Lion.) Can you let me know if you come across the same issue with responsiveness when in Firefox?

    Additionally, are you encountering this error when using a different internet connection? For example, if you are able to go to a local coffeeshop or library, do you still encounter this problem?

  3. Hello,

    Thanks for your reply. I only have the safari browser installed, so can't comment if Firefox is different. Also only have this internet connection easily available so can't comment there.

    I do know that if I use my wifes Dual Core 1.8Ghz 3GB RAM Windows PC running Windows 7 / Explorer, I don't have the responsiveness issues that I have with my Quad core 2.3 Ghz 8GB RAM Mac Book Pro running 10.7.1 and Safari.

  4. Hi there,

    If you could download Firefox at, that will help us rule out whether or not you're experiencing any browser-related issues.

    Additionally, can you let me know what happens when you say that "Publish" doesn't work properly? When you click on Add or Edit posts, is the load time of the page very slow or are you referring to a delay in processing your updates?

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