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Are There Any Plans To Display Authors Name In The Twenty Twelve Theme?

  1. Hello,

    I noticed that more themes than I expected, do not display the Date/Time, Author(s), Tags, and Categories for Posts/Pages; most themes display some of those, but not all of them, I think that most or all of themes should display all of those on default or at least have an option to display all of those or some of those depending on what the user wants.

    Anyway, I noticed that the Twenty Twelve theme displays the Date/Time, Tags, and Categories for posts but not the Author(s).

    Are there any plans on adding the ability to display the Author(s), since that is the only thing missing of the four things that I mentioned?

    Thank you,
    -John Jr

    The blog I need help with is

  2. thistimethisspace

    Some themes display author bylines and some do not. You can switch to a theme that does display a byline.

    WordPress software can be structured as a page based website or the conventional post based structure can be retained. The trend we are witnessing is towards providing for those who want a website structure. See this thread re: Twenty Twelve

  3. thistimethisspace

    P.S. I'm "timethief" but logged in under my other username account.

  4. Thank you for responding TimeThief. :)

    I was tired of limiting my choice of themes to only those that show those four things that I mentioned, since many of the good themes unfortunately do not show all four of those, and so I was hoping that the WordPress Team would add an option or something for those that want to show those four things since I think that those four things are very important/essential/et cetera; at least on themes made by Automattic.

    I already felt that this was not likely to change and that I would just have to deal with it, but I decided to at least ask here on the forums instead of just completely giving up.

    I am usually un-lucky, but it was worth trying at least. :D

    Fortunately I always put the date in my titles, I add the type of post it is in the title as well (Dreams Fragment(s)/Et Cetera), and I always close a post with -John Jr; and so I can somewhat survive without those four things I guess, but I still want the option to add them.

    Anyway, thank you. :)

  5. thistimethisspace

    We have not reached a dead end here and frankly I'm royally peeved off at the way I was scorned in the thread I linked to.

    I want to read a definitive statement from Themes Staff on the issue of author bylines and how both bloggers and the "I wanna website folks" and their needs can and will be addressed. That's why I'm going to flag this thread and have it moved to the Themes Forum where Themes Staff can clearly state where we at at now.

    P.S. I would appreciate it if you do NOT mark this thread as resolved until we get the definitive answer.

  6. That is good to hear that we have not reached a dead end yet, thank you TimeThief :) , you do not have to worry about me marking this thread as resolved. ;)

    To me it would be easy for both bloggers and websiters to have their needs met, they could simply add an option for people to show or not show either of those four things, where people can pick & choose which if any they want to show. ;)

    It bothers me in life when there are obvious ways for balance/flexibility/options/et cetera, but certain people want to limit/remove those options/the balance/the flexibility/et cetera when it is not necessary; and that messes up things for some other people in life, when it is not necessary and more people can have/get what they want in an uncomplicated way.

    Unfortunately I am usually in the group of people who suffer/lose/are unlucky/whatever at the hands of the majority or the few in power, but maybe I will be lucky this time? :D

    Anyway, thank you TimeThief, and maybe this will end positively for a change; I am tired of the usual out-come(s).

  7. You can always add the author's name as a category. That's the old-skool workaround.

  8. Interesting idea RainCoaster, thank you, I am sure that might be helpful for some people out there. :)

    I have only one category (Dreams), Uncategorized as a secondary but I currently have only posts categorized as Dreams, and so that tip is not for me but it will probably help some other people out there. ;)

    Thank you RainCoaster for responding. :)

  9. Hi there,

    Twenty Twelve (and many other themes on do not display the author name on blogs with only one author. The point of displaying an author name is to differentiate the posts on an multi-author site.

  10. There is, however, a workaround that single author bloggers can use to compel the display.

    1. While logged out of create another username account with a different email address. next add the new username as an Author. Log-out and clear your browser cache and cookies.

    2. Now log-in as the new author ie. username account and publish one post on the blog but and backdate it to the date you started the blog. (example here

    I know you are not scheduling a post but to backdate the datestamp see the images here and you will know what to click to edit the date. >
    Log-out and clear your browser cache and cookies.

    3. Lastly, log in under the original username account and you will have an Author byline the next time you publish a post.

  11. But Kobenland some of us want the author name to show all the time, regardless of if it is a multi-author blog or not, and I see no reason why not to add a setting to give people a choice; that way both sides can get what they want, and that is probably not complicated/hard to add that one setting (and having the authors name shown was present in Twenty Twelve & some other themes already at first, but removed later).

    Anyway, thank you for responding I guess.

  12. Interesting, thank you for sharing that TimeThief, I imagine that will help some people. :)

  13. It works like a hot damn on my blogs so why wouldn't it work on yours?

  14. I imagine it would, I did not say that it would not work. ;)

    I just currently do not plan on trying/bothering to try it on my blog at this time, I gave up on the author's name showing long ago, but maybe one day I might try it if I feel like it (I am currently not in the mood today); but like I said, I imagine that it will help some people who decide to try it, so thank you for sharing it TimeThief. ;)

  15. You're welcome.

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