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Are there any plans to implement A/B testing for users/

  1. I know this isn't something that everyone would use but I'm curious if anyone has ever heard it brought up or were WP stands on it. It seems like something that would not only benefit the the blogger but as well, especially for WordAds users.

  2. elisedesaulniers

    Ads are not allowed on

  3. Be aware that no blogger initiated advertising of any kind or sponsored content or paid content is allowed on free hosted blogs. You may want to review the information at these links below before you get too far along:

    There is no upgrade you can purchase that changes anything at all stated here

    The good news is you can sell what you personally create but our blogs cannot be equipped for Ecommerce transactions. We can use a PayPal button and/or acontact form to sell products and/or services we create. We can set up a shopping cart elsewhere online and create a custom menu on the blog with a cusom link to a shopping cart in it.

    The only advertising program here is WordAds and it lets bloggers with moderate to high traffic and appropriate content blogs on their own domains turn on ads and earn money from their blogs.

  4. I have no idea what either of you are talking about. I'm talking about A/B testing for headlines. I'm not sure if you're response is based solely on the fact that you looked at the site and it has ads on it. If that's the case then I will quell your uneasiness by telling you that my site is a WordAds blog.

    Still, my initial question was about the possibility of A/B testing headlines to be able to see which one garners more clicks form a control group and then have it automatically select the more popular one.

  5. Please contact WordAds Staff directly as no WordAds issues are discussed on these technical support forums.

  6. That kind of information isn't shared with the volunteers here. You'd have to email staff directly to ask, and I doubt they'd tell you.

    At a guess, I would say probably not. The WordAds don't seem to be closely monitored except by the end users.

  7. The question I am asking had nothing to do with wordads. I'm talking about the titles of posts.

  8. It seems like something that would not only benefit the the blogger but as well, especially for WordAds users.

  9. All right, I'm out.

  10. @raincoaster
    I do understand what a/b testing is and I agree your opinion stated here

  11. No wonder these forums are such a hit. I mentioned wordads even though the question had nothing to do with it that's all that's discussed. Great job guys.

  12. There's nothing for us bloggers to discuss. I previously tagged the thread for a Staff response. Please subscribe to the thread so you are notified when they respond and please be patient while waiting.

  13. Hi jamespoling1,

    We engage in A/B testing all of the time on the back end, trying out new features and options. That kind of functionality isn't really something we can make available to our users, however, since users don't have access to the underlying code.

    If you want to test out something, you're welcome to create a second blog that does, or does not, have the same features as the primary blog, but that's about all I can think of.

  14. Hi Jackie,

    Thank you for your response. I know there is a plugin for self-hosted WordPress sites that allows you to create two headlines for a post and it will automatically monitor which one is getting more clicks and then go with that one permanently.

    I know that sometimes in the past has absorbed into its native function new features that, at one time, required a plugin. I just thought it was an interesting feature when I read about it.

    It could, theoretically, help boost traffic for every WordPress blog if they chose to use the feature. Anyway, that was my question, I was aware that it was used on the backend for features and such, I was just talking about post titles specifically.

    I really didn't expect to get an answer but I wanted to ask.

    Thank you again for your time.

  15. HI jamespoling1,

    At this time I am unaware of any discussions to bring A/B testing to, but you never know.

    Feel free to post more information about this (including why it would be helpful to you, and a link to a plugin on the plugin repository if you know of a good one) on our ideas forum. You never know - it could be featured on someday!

  16. Thanks Jackie, that's a great idea. I'll look up the name of the plugin and post it in the ideas forum. This was the exact answer I was looking for. Thank you for your help!

  17. You're very welcome!

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